Winter Harbor Garden Tour/Art Show

IMG_3120Sardines on a stick?  Maine Fish Quota for 2013? Lost Sardines?

These titles were bantered about when this piece came together for the the Garden Art Show.  It was great fun to make.  I cut the shapes, sanded them down and then began layering the paint.   I had originally wanted to have a school of fish, and had planned to put them in my garden in Winter Harbor.  When this show came around it seemed like a lot of fun to make and share at the Garden Art Show sponsored by Schoodic Creates and being held until July 7 at Hammond Hall.  There are approx. 84 pieces of art in the forms of fabulous hooked rugs, stained glass, sculptured forms from many different mediums, paintings and photographs of every kind.   The blue ribbon, first place went to Jim Beckwith for a beautifully carved wooden orb.  I am excited to begin some new pieces for the upcoming show at the Winter Harbor Public Library.  That show opens on August 17th so I better get busy!