Hot Topics-Fire, Foods, Music and Friends!!!!

Michaud_Betty's Garden_E_12x12_15 copy_edited-1 copy

“Betty’s Garden” 12×12 Encaustic

Art in all of it’s glorious rolls is the “Hot Topic” this weekend in town and beyond.  I am very happy to be a part of this.

Today is the last day to sign up for an Introduction to Encaustic Class that I am teaching at Woodlawn Museum tomorrow from 10-2.  Come on up and play with hot wax, everything supplied for this opportunity to try a new art form.

Tonight!!! 4-6pm join folks at Works of Hand Gallery open porch-see my work and that of many other artists as well.  Pam has been getting out lots of new items for the “Fresh Finds” shop-so much funky and fun  stuff for your home.  Afterwards attend “Last Friday Coffee House” at Hammond Hall- music to fill your soul!!!

Saturday-Hot Topics in Ellsworth, 10-2.   Opening reception for artist Jim Linnehan at Littlefield Gallery-4-6pm, he has some big surprises for everyone-see for yourself!

Sunday, please join me at a reception for “Finding True North” Art Show at Hammond Hall from 3-5pm.   Join us for refreshments and conversation  Let’s talk about how we all navigate thrrough life, learn about what we consider to be the way points we use on this destination.  This show will be up until September 15th.

Sunday at 5pm join the community and the Chamber of Commerce to support Cheryl Brackett after the loss of her husband and partner in business Ed Brackett.  Hammond Hall, 427 Main St. Winter Harbor.

Finding True North; An Abstract Path , an art show  by myself at Winter Harbor Public Library, open to the public during regular Library hours.  See if you can follow the path from realistic to abstract ways of depicting our life journey.  This show will be up Sept.1-October 1.

Finding True North-(the back story)

2-Finding-True-North-150Finding True North is the title and theme for the new art show hanging at Hammond Hall, 427 Main St., Winter Harbor, Me.  This show is a compilation of new works created over the past 2 years.  I want each piece to be part of a whole that reminds us of who we are, where we are and where we are headed, what influences may have helped to develop the place that we find ourselves in at this time.  The compass designs are literal representations of how to find your way.  The mixed media pieces use vintage photographs, paint and ephemera to tell stores from the past.  Each of these stories will be interpreted differently depending on what your vantage point is at the time.  The oill paintings tell a story in a different format but I have chosen places that have been very meaningful to me and perhaps to some of you.  For me the art all represents a way-point that helps me to mark the direction of my life, one way or another.

Finding true north in my life seems to be a constantly evolving process and one that has been influenced by my experiences with people, places and things.  When this series began I was on a very different route then I was this past winter when I began to bring all of the work into a cohesive vision.

The direction of our lives sometimes seems to be totally out of our hands, things happen that we can not control.

Our world is suffering turmoil and strife that I have not seen in my lifetime.  Our country is in a place right now that does not evoke feelings of hope and certainly does not point anyone in a clear direction.  Our community is facing issues with growth, seasonal strains on the infrastructure, drug use and the fall out from those behaviors and change over which we have no control.   In our town we have seen changes that some people like and some people mourn.  We have no control over those changes but we do have control over how we process the information and how we let it become part of our journey.   I see families make long term goals and decisions based in values and goals, it not only helps their immediate family life but also the individual members as they become adults and decision makers.  I have seen communities who decide the direction of their community and make plans and goals in order to meet those goals.  These plans and decisions are way points in the journey towards “True North”.  Is it possible to make growth and development a part of a community plan?

These are things to think about, things to talk about if you wish.

Please join me on Sunday, August 28 from 3-5pm for refreshments and a chance to join friends and neighbors to talk and visit Winter Harbor from an artist’s perspective.  The show is open daily from 10-4   for your viewing pleasure.

Pieces scattered in the wind-or are they?

cm72Do you ever feel scattered?  This piece does a pretty good job of highlighting the various parts of my life that don’t seem to line up.

This is not always a bad problem to have, unless you want to know just where you left some important paperwork or something.  Quite possibly this Pop Art Piece is a way to see the various richness that makes up my life.  Have you ever given thought to these conditions in your own life?  I have just the opportunity for you to make art from a full life.  Join me on August 1 at Schoodic Arts for All during the festival.  We’ll work from 10-2 and make a wonderful rendition of your life strengths!!!