Pop-Art Portraits“Every Face Tells A Story”

Schoodic Arts for All Festival, July 28- August 12, 2018-over 84 various classes offered.

July 30th, 9am-4pm

This class is open to folks of all ages, join this mixed media art class and make a portrait defined by shapes, skin tones, and the sparkle in the eye.

Materials needed: Black & white photo, acrylic paints, acrylic grounds, ephemera, and papers.

Students should bring PHOTO, brushes

(#4 bright, #4 round,#6 flat, #5/0 detail)


“Dancing in the Dark”

July 31, 9am-2pm

Design and paint an abstract using line, curves, circles, colors, values after first exploring layers of words unique to each individual artist.  This exercise will lead to an abstract painting with deep meaning and will be very distinctive.

See  for more information and to sign  tel 207-963-2569



Intro to Encaustics

10 x 10 Encaustic Undersea Urchin

Undersea Urchin
10 X 10 Encaustic Mixed Media
Photo Transfer

Possibilities 10 x 10 Encaustic

10 x 10 Encaustic Mixed Media
birch bark, inks & shellac burn


Hot Topics-Intro to Encaustic Painting:

Paint with molten beeswax mixed with pure pigment and resin.  Learn how to lay down wax and fuse to make  permanent layers.  Students will be introduced to tools, equipment, supplies and safety precautions.  Resource and care list available.  Color and design will be discussed.

Students will make some practice boards and one finished piece of encaustic art.



Mixing it up-Using Mixed Media in Encaustic Art:

Wax can be an excellent venue for transferring and embedding designs and/or photographs.  This transparent medium adds depth and soft definition.  Learn to use other media to enhance the artwork further.  Students can bring a favorite photograph or use designs available to add layers of transparency to their cradled panel creation.


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Past Classes:

Sumner High School-Pam Harmon Day: Intro to Encaustics

ArtWaves, 329 Main St., Bar Harbor, Me: Hot Topics: Intro to Encaustics, Advanced work in Encaustics, Shellac Burns with Encaustics
Schoodic Arts For All:  Mixed Media Story Telling,  A Walk through Winter Harbpr, Mixed Media,  Something’s Fishy, Curious Catapiller, Pop Art Portraits

Weaving Memories 8 x 8 Encaustic

Weaving Memories
8 x 8 Encaustic Mixed Media
woven papers & shellac burn