Finding True North

2-Finding-True-North-150 Hometown Memories: "Finding True North" : Show Opens August 15 and closes September 15 at Hammond Hall, 427 Main St. Winter Harbor, Maine Have you found your "True North"?  How did you find the way?  Did you follow "waypoints" that were marked from knowing people, places and things that inspired your life along the way?  Does the past and the present effect the future?  If it does effect the future, does that change the way we live our lives today?  Can this be only for individuals or can it pertain to families and to communities too?  Something to think about-maybe DSC_0141 Underwater-Directionssomething to talk about too.    Join us on Sunday, August 28 from 3-5pm for refreshments and visit with me, with each other and see some art that depicts people, places and things from our past and the present and some art the helps you find "True North".   Coloring Postcards:  You are invited to find one or more of the six different designs of coloring postcards that I have distributed on the Schoodic Peninsula and beyond.  Please relax, enjoy coloring or painting these designs.  If you wish to share these, please bring them to Hammond Hall on 427 Main St, in Winter Harbor, Me.  Post them in the area set aside for this purpose.  Be sure to sign them if you'd like.  Also come to the reception on Sunday, August 28 fro 3-5pm, we can chat about your experience and see your interpretation of these cards.