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Carol Michaud , 1026 Essex St.  Bangor, Me 04401 Telephone 207-974-9366


Artist Statement: Carol Michaud

Artist Statement: Carol Michaud
I build narrative art characterized by everyday people, places and
objects based mostly on the Schoodic Peninsula in Maine.  Stories
are harvested from the sea and the community. The process begins
long before the brush hits the canvas. I build a story over time
incorporating considerable research and the collection of stories,
epherma and photographs. I paint with oils, encaustics and mixed
media collage.  The focus is on light, texture and color  and how to evoke feelings
and memories.
Plein air oil painting grants me the opportunity to
create an atmospheric snapshot.
I relish the process of building a story. When I undertake a project I
enjoy daily progress to merge the visual and the narrative.  The piece is complete when my initial response is to the condition of light and color.
When people see my work I’d like for them to be excited to share
their feelings about the work and their stories and ideas.

I live and work in Maine and Florida.  To my good fortune I have found wonderful instructors who challenge me to go beyond my comfort zone.
I hope to help students stretch themselves as they pursue Mixed Media Portraits with me at the Schoodic Arts for All Festival in August yearly and in private lessons.
I have taught classes in Bangor, Winter Harbor, Ellsworth and Bar Harbor.  My work has been displayed in solo shows at the Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor, the Winter Harbor Public Library, Dorcas Public Library, Schoodic Arts for All and the Bangor Public Library. I am a regular contributor for the Maine Discovery Museum Auction,  Schoodic Arts for All Auction and the Penobscot Theatre Auction.  I am a member of the Bangor Art Society, Union for Maine Visual Artists and show my work with the Society at the Art Walks held in Bangor.


Work Available to Purchase

Works of Hand Gallery, Winter Harbor, Maine Memorial Day-Columbus Day

SOLD WORKS-  I have kept pictures of sold work in the  on line galleries because I believe that they give the viewer a more comprehensive idea of the kind of work I do.  Also there are many people who enjoy seeing these pieces even though the work is not available.  This body of work has generated many conversations and memories.  I have been honored to enjoy hearing the stories.