How’s Your Garden Growing?

Vegtable MedleyGood morning!  I’m just hoping my garden will produce some of these.

Currently I can see the raised beds from where I’m sitting and I’m afraid that I see more weeds then produce.  I need to get busy out there but right now we are off to host a 3 day yard sale in New Gloucester.
I would much rather be home painting.  This piece was created originally as a regular  painting but after I finished it I realized that I wanted to add some pizazz to it, so I added some designs in different shades of the same and have found it to be a fun piece with a lot of life to it.  This is called mixed media but very different from the mixed media stories that I usually depict here.  I’m working on more of the stories and will have new pieces, all depicting life in Winter Harbor from years ago, even some Grindstone Neck stories.  The Winter Harbor Public Library show will be held August 17th until Sept 13th.  Come by to see the new work if you have a chance.