What do I think about “Smoke & Mirrors” ?

I am very supportive of blog sites that come up with creative ways to draw the visitor.  When you look at all of the sites available to the hungry reader it does not take long to realize that something needs to stand out.  When Nicole uses the funny titles I go to her site to read how she will spin this information.  I would seriously go to her site anyway because I already know that what she has to say is usually very interesting, informative and well written.   So reputation does play a part in this also.  I think that funny or thought provoking topics lead me to think that this person may have something to say or worst case scenario they will make me smile!!!  How bad is that?  This brings us to the use of specific words that may draw more followers.

I did some research using art terms to see what would happen.  When I use the words “art” and “artist” the response was equal and somewhat higher then I expected.  When I compared those to “art galleries”,”art shows” or “art education” I got a surprise.  The last three topics received almost no response.  I noticed that one artist blogger I follow uses as an address her name followed by the word art.  I wonder if maybe that address helps her get followers.  When I was involved in a project we set up a web site.  In deciding the name of our group and the site we did some research.  Using the word Schoodic in the name increased the odds of getting the attention of interested people exponentially.  This example stuck with me as Nicole had us doing the research for this blog post.  It makes me wonder if I have chosen the correct name for my blog.  Always wondering, should I use more smoke and mirrors?