Four Favorite Art Blogs

In the newsletter “The Informed Collector” I found an artist from New Zealand who has a daily art blog.  She does a painting a day and posts them on her blog along with information about the location and/or the medium she uses.  Sometimes she also sells the paintings.  Her link is

I get a newsletter titled “The Fine Arts Newsletter”, in today’s edition a blog was highlighted that I found very interesting.  Jan Stommes writes in her blog “A truly intrinsically motivated person does what needs to be done.  They are compelled to create and share.”  She states that she has met many artists who share this feeling, and so have I.  If you are interested in reading more here is a link to her blog.

Have you heard of blog radio?  I found this very interesting spot today.  Leslie Strata hosts a radio show where artists help other artists.  Today she invited Laura G. Miller to do a presentation on cleaning up an email page.  Last week Leslie hosted programs about doing a web site, each day presenting an opportunity to focus on a  different area of the site.  This was the first time I have heard the show and I found it to be interesting.  The site :

The last site I will mention today is a local artist from Sullivan, Maine.  I did mention him a couple of days ago.  Phillip Frey has been creating and showing art of Maine in Maine long enough now to have developed a very good reputation.  His work has been shown at the Couthouse Gallery in Ellsworth, the Gleason Gallery in Rockland and many more.  Phillip was chosen to be a scholar on Cranberry Island this past summer.  He also teaches art classes in various areas of Maine.  His site is http;//

I hope you enjoy some of these sites, happy blogging!