I want to live a life well lived-but OMG what is Disqus?

I read Catherine’s story this morning about a life well lived.  This was a beautiful story with such descriptive serene scenes.  I just relaxed into it and enjoyed the words and the descriptions. Then I read a few more great blogs, commented on some, and went to Nicole’s blog.  Having a Matt in your pocket is such a gift.

Nicole is our Matt, pushing us forward, stretching our boundaries of skill and knowledge.  I was pumped.  I can do this!  So I left a comment.   That should be simple.  Then it asked for my name and email address-simple.  Then it said sign up for Disqus.  I checked the box.  I got a reply that I was already on Disqus and had to log in.  What??? I don’t remember signing up for this, and certainly don’t have any login info in my little booklet that is  jam packed with various user names and passwords.  I guess I need a a dictionary and a better memory.  I’ll start with a self-help book.  Maybe WordPress for Dummies.  As I head out this morning the first stop will be Barnes and Noble.  I can read!!!