I bought a memory!

Good morning, I was formerly soulstoriesbycarol but I have changed my address to this address.  This was the right time to make the change before I get too established with the blogging.  I needed to change the name of this account because it will also be my website and I have found that my name is lot easier to remember then soulstoriesbycarol.  I do like the idea of that title and will probably use it as a title for some mixed media workshops and as a subtitle for most of the mixed media pieces that will be in the gallery.  I have been following various artists for years and do find that if I want to contact them for any reason it is always easier to remember their names.  Some days I’m lucky to remember anything it seems.

One artist that I have been following for about 5 years is also an instructor of mine at the Venice Art Center.  Her name is Joanna Coke and she is one of my favorite people as well as a favorite instructor.  I was honored on Friday to be able to purchase a piece of her work.  I will be receiving it on Wednesday and will post a picture.  It is fabulous, I love the subject matter, a sunflower, and the layers of color and texture as well as being able to look at it and know that it was created by Joanna.  I do not have the opportunity to buy art often but I realize that buying art is very different then buying disposable items.  I thank Joanna for having a piece in her collection that was affordable and for helping me to understand the importance of the price when I offer my own art for sale.