Hometown Memories-Grindstone Inn


Grindstone Inn

This is my rendition of the Grindstone Inn.  I could not tell what the color of the building was from the photographs so for this work it is Raw Sienna.  Somehow I doubt it was that color or called anything like that at the time.

This grand old building was the highlight of Grindstone Point at one time.  I laughed when I read one ad that said it was such a special place that it was free of “mosquitos”.  Somehow I doubt that was true.  The building suffered a mysterious fire in the mid 1950’s and everything was lost.   Well not everything, many things like dishes, silver, decorations of sorts, ads, menus, pictures still exist today. I was lucky to access some photos from the Historical Society and from friends who have collected things over the years.   I hope this piece honors the memories of a time gone by and a way of life that helped shape our lives today.  Did you live on Grindstone and enjoy the luxuries of the Inn? Did you work on Grindstone and maybe even at the Inn, enjoying these surroundings, the people you met or maybe used these comparisons when deciding your own future?  People sometimes don’t realize the subtle influences a place like this has on the lives of everyone around.

If you would like to share memories or stories please contact me.

I thank the Winter Harbor Historical Society for their help and support.  They invite you to attend some historical presentations this summer.

July 8, 7pm-Hammond Hall-Sanford Phippen-Speaks about Frenchman’s Bay Lodge and his book about working there called “Kitchen Boy”.

August 12-7pm-Historical Society- Charles Joy will give a presentation about “John Moore”, from Steuben, he owned approx. 2000 acres on Schoodic Point and was the person to donate it to the National Park Service.  He also built a home on Grindstone called Far From Wolves-known by many as Frenchman’s Bay Lodge.

Thank you, Carol