Fire Station-Hometown Memories


I have been planning to create a mixed media story about the Winter Harbor Fire Station.  This building will be put to a new use soon and I’d like to honor the memory by making a piece of art to add to the “Hometown Memories” collection.  The station could not exist without it’s equipment and it’s volunteers.

A wonderful opportunity opened up to me last week.  I was working with a group from the Peninsula Woman’s Club and Billy Bickford drove by in this old fire truck that he owns and maintains beautifully.  I am so grateful that he allowed me to photograph the vehicle.  I realize that I need to follow up with questions like “Was this vehicle used in WH?  What year is it and what were the years of service?  Does anyone have any stories to tell about being a volunteer fireman in Winter Harbor?  What year was this firehouse built?  Was there a firehouse before this one, if so where, any photos? ”

I think volunteer fireman are not always recognized for the important work that they do, the training that they need to complete and the risks they are willing to take to protect our town, our properties and our lives.  This job becomes more complicated every year and I think that a small town fireman probably has to take on the knowledge and training that firemen do in much larger cities.  How does our small town accomplish this work?  Thank you!!!!!!