Donut Hole + – Hometown Memories

Donut Hole +

This is day 26 in a 30 day blog challenge.  I have found that doing this challenge I have really enjoyed posting my artwork and telling the stories behind each piece.  Today I am moving into the the painted pieces.  This collection “Hometown Memories” consists of mixed media, oil and acrylic paintings and encaustic works.

The Donut Hole + holds a very fond memory for me and many residents and visitors to Winter Harbor.  Joe and Grace Gerrish turned an old twine shed into a small breakfast and lunch place.  They served homemade foods and pastries, specializing in donuts.  Entering this place filled me with joy.  It was cozy and located so close to the ocean that you might see the tide come and go between the floorboards.  The smells were a fabulous mix of homemade soups and stews, blueberry pies, muffins and breads with a touch of the ocean air.  This was also a place to gather, to share bread with friends and neighbors, everyone feeling like family.  I never thought about what a lot of work this had to be for Grace and Joe.  Cooking everything from scratch and being open and ready to serve at daybreak.  On top of those challenges, this most charming building and location must have required a great deal of maintenance and upgrading.  Today I think of the effort and gift to the community and say “Thank You!”