Welcome to Winter Harbor-(a safe harbor) Hometown Memories


Every time I drive into town on rt. 186 and reach the ocean this is the scene that greets me (and you).  I love this scene and really enjoy seeing the cleat sculpture.  It was added during the International Sculpture Symposium, created by the late Don Merserve.   Maybe it’s because I have spent long hours in boats and returning to the dock, tying up at a cleat-home again-gives me a good feeling.  For many boaters arriving at the destination and safely tying up to the cleat has a significant meaning.  Arriving at a destination safely has become all too precious during this past week when we all experienced the horror of seeing the bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  That picture has haunted me and probably everyone I know.  It is so sad and scary to realize that the finish line will never be the same for any event.  The most comprehensive article I have read was posted by Breaking Even Communications, one of their clients was there and wrote an amazing article that was picked up by the  Huffington Post.  huffingtonpost.com/carrie-jones/I-was-at-the-boston-marathon_b_3091219.html   I hope this was the right address- but also can be found at Breaking Even Communications.

Wishing everyone safe journeys and a cleat to tie up to when you get there!