A Trip Down Memory Lane

IMG_2355 This is a small portion of a mixed media piece that  I have created to depict the warm and loving memories I have of a place and person from Winter Harbor, Maine.  This is one in a series of approximately 25 works called “Hometown Memories”.   Maybe you know this place, or someplace like it!

I’d like to introduce you to Marie Clark, or if you happen to be from Winter Harbor, Maine, I’d like to reintroduce you. JM Gerrish Drug & Sundries was started by Marie Clarks father in the early 1900’s, and she was the proprietor for approximately 25 years until it closed in 1992.  This was above all else a gathering place.  She sold ice cream, penny candy, tobacco products, newspapers, patent medicines and various souvenirs and sundries.

This was the place to go to meet people for coffee & tea, for ice cream  & candy, for friendship and news of the day.  The atmosphere was built around yesteryear with oak & glass showcases for the penny candy and the glassware.  The soda fountain counter was marble, a customer could sit at the counter and watch Marie make ice cream sundaes and milkshakes.  There were ice cream parlor style tables and chairs for other customers.

Marie Clark always made folks young and old feel welcome and comfortable.  She knew everyone by name and probably their parents and grandparents as well.  I have created a couple of mixed media pieces that depict Marie and some of the memories that accompany her in my mind.  Tea cups and tea pots are the focus for one piece, doilies, flowers winding throughout.  The other piece has the ice cream parlor and soda fountain as a focal point.  Marie of course is the star of both pieces.  I hope you enjoy these and the idea behind them.  I am always excited to hear feedback and ideas.