Majestic Mountains of Maine

IMG_3898This picture of Cadillac Mountain is interesting and there are many more out there that are better.  I posted this picture because I do not have one of Mount Katahdin.  Today I received a blog post from Plein Air Connection,Michael Vermette with a fascinating story about making art on Katahdin Lake, featuring of course, Mount Katahdin.  He paints in this area often and in this post he describes going here to teach a group from the Maine Wilderness Leadership Program.  I loved reading this post.  Mike used so many interesting ways to teach. The goal was to share knowledge about the mountain and the history of artists over the centuries who had a relationship with the mountain, while also guiding the young people to traverse the landscape and learn to become one with the mountain through art.  I learned that artists throughout time helped to acquire this land into conservation and public use.  This descriptive blog was informative, entertaining and thought provoking.  I hope you have a chance to see it.  Michael Vermette at the Plein Air Connection

Art Show at The Grand

IMG_1955“Hometown Memories” is an art show that can be viewed at”The Grand” in Ellsworth until August 28th.  This painting of the Winter Harbor Co-Op is one of 13 works.  This group contains oils and acrylics and have been produced during the past couple of years.

For the Floor

This is an unfinished floorcloth.  The only step left now is to turn the edges and use rubber cement to support the hem.  After that I will sign and date the back and apply a non-skid surface.  It will then be ready to greet people as they enter our home and become an easily cleaned surface for dirty, wet boots and shoes.  My dear friend Amy made a floorcloth for us as a gift when we built our home.  It has been actively used for 10 years and is still looking like it is in very good condition.  We have enjoyed this gift and it has been very useful as well, especially during the wet winter months.  I will be adding step by step directions on the web site so that anyone wanting to make their own can do so.


Floorcloth 48 X 30