Hometown Memories-Woman’s Bicycle Club


Women’s Bicycle Club

What fun, a Women’s Bicycle Club!!!  It was truly a unique experience many years ago.  Can you just imagine riding a bicycle in those long skirts (or any skirts)?

I loved this photo and this idea.  I got this photo at the Winter Harbor Historical Society and added paint, paper, epherma and stencils.  There were names listed under the women but I could not read them well enough to list them here.

I hope you enjoy this artwork.  I thank the Winter Harbor Historical Society for making this possible and hope that you have a chance to stop by at one/or all of the programs this summer to share your memories or appreciation.

June 10th at 6:30pm-Peninsula School Students Public Speaking-this program is over by the time you receive this post but we thank all of the students for participating in this wonderful event.

July 8, 7pm-Hammond Hall-Sanford Phippen-Speaks about Frenchman’s Bay Lodge and his book about working there called “Kitchen Boy”.  This program is also over but enjoyed by all.

August 12-7pm-Historical Society- Charles Joy will give a presentation about “John Moore”, from Steuben, he owned approx. 2000 acres on Schoodic Point and was the person to donate it to the National Park Service.  He also built a home on Grindstone called Far From Wolves-known by many as Frenchman’s Bay Lodge.