What’s For Lunch????

Time for Lunch!!!I’m getting ready to return to my studio and top on the list of things to work on is a series I’m doing of “Seagulls”.  I have watched these creatures interact with people and each other for a long time.  I always get a kick out of their antics.  For this series I am hoping I can capture that sense of playfulness, naughtiness and entitlement that seems to be evident across all boundaries.

What traits are you familiar with when you think of the seagull?  I think of them always begging, sometimes stealing and very quickly eating food.  It seems like there is never enough, and they can’t swallow it fast enough.  Many gulls travel in packs but occasionally you’ll see loners who seem to be thinking of ways to trick someone into feeding them.   Are they smarter then the others or are they just taking a turn out in the wild by themselves?

The big question for me is “Where do they go at night?”  I think that this exploration of the seagull will probably end up with many more questions then answers.  If you have any stories or ideas I do welcome feedback!!!!