Hometown Memories-Stinson’s Revisited

IMG_4130Recently I worked on two pieces about Stinson’s Canning Company that was located in Prospect Harbor, Me until 2010.  One  piece will eventually go to it’s new home and this one  piece will stay with me for a while.  I really enjoyed looking into the history of this business and also finding interesting articles, quotes, poems and songs that are related to Stinson’s.

So many people from the area had a connection in one way or another.  My Aunt used to ride the bus back and forth to work at Stinson’s.  That was a very long time ago and what I remember the most were the bandages that she wore on her hands.  In retrospect her hands may not have been covered in bandages, but as a young girl that is what I told myself.  Perhaps they wrapped their hands and fingers  before there were gloves to use, another speculation on my part.  Does anyone know more about this?  I do know that she was a very sweet woman who worked very hard all day at the factory.  I remember the smell of her arrival, ( because I loved the smell of bait)  I remember it fondly.  She never mentioned to me what she thought about her job but I do think that the community was very lucky to have this business and the business was very lucky to have the dedicated workers.