Hometown Memories-Hanson’s Dry Goods

What is a “dry goods” store?  This generation and even my generation may not know what this terminology means.  I designed this encaustic piece to show my idea of what it might be.  I think “dry goods” included things to support the household, like maybe sewing supplies,  some clothing, brooms and dry type of cleaning supplies, soaps.  Now I’m beginning to really make things up.  I don’t really know.

The Hanson family, Grace Hanson in particular owned and operated a dry goods store from her home.  I understand that there were 3 dry goods stores in Winter Harbor at one time.  Three stores with the same products would never survive in a small town today.  Although when you consider the amount of internet sales that may go on  in conjunction with actual sales from visiting the stores we have in town, the competition may be even greater.  I am thankful that the stores we have in Winter Harbor are available to us and hope that they continue to be able to compete with the various shopping choices.

Hanson's Store 10 x 10 encaustic