Hometown Memories-Something Fishy

IMG_4058This may not look familiar to many folks.  It is a depiction of the old lobster shacks, fish houses that used to be located on Harbor Point.  They were almost opposite Mort Torrey’s Wharf (WH Co-Op).  I remember going to the fish house with my father, he did not lobster full time, although he did love to go lobstering when he could.  Occasionally he would take me with him, but said that I was a “Jonah” and the reason why he did not get as many lobsters as usual.  I’m not sure I buy that “Jonah” statement since I spent a lot of time lobstering with my Grandfather Dennis and he never mentioned this problem.  Can this affliction possibly be directed only towards some people?  Enough about us and back to the shacks.  For those who don’t know the shacks served as multipurpose buildings.  They were a place to knit bait bags, to paint buoys, to mend traps and occasionally to enjoy refreshments without any interference.  A place of solace!!!