Hometown Memories-Grace E Stevens

The Grace E Stevens is a cargo ship that was owned and operated by John Stevens.  John was the original builder/owner of our house on 190 Main in Winter Harbor.  I have a ships log that he kept and it has some amazing stories of leaving WH for Boston with a load of lumber or other cargo.  Navigating the ocean waters from WH to Boston and back in 1904 was not what it is today.

This piece has boats similar to his and a copy of a page from the log along with the family home that he built in 1864.  I have not heard much about folks from that generation but I do know that they had vision and lots of ideas and ambition to help make WH what it is today.  As our historical society restores it’s building and infrastructure  hopefully we’ll have a repository for these stories and so many more.

Crace E Stevens 6 x 20 encaustic

Crace E Stevens
6 x 20 encaustic