Red, Right, Return-Encaustic Challenge

Red, Right, ReturnThis small piece is an encaustic rendering of Red Nun #2 that sits in Henry’s Cove in Winter Harbor.  It is a navigational tool and to me also a welcome home as one returns to port from the open water of Frenchman’s Bay.  Often times it can be found surrounded in fog.  I made this piece as one of many that I am working on before attending a week long encaustic retreat in Kennebunkport this coming week.  I love working with hot wax and torches to create an interesting piece of art.  For me the this medium looks and feels very different from oil painting due to the translucency of the wax that is layered.  The layers all come together to create depth and a tactile feeling that other mediums can not create.  I hope to become much more proficient and to learn many new skills this week.  Being able to attend this retreat is such a wonderful opportunity, I am very grateful to all of the people who have supported me in this venture.