Winter Harbor Welcome Center

 Winter Harbor Welcome CenterWelcome to Winter Harbor!!! This takes place at 10 Newman St. where my Grandparents once had a home and shop.  They are pictured here in front of their shop with their home to the right.  The outline seen behind everything is the building that replaced their former home.  This location holds  so many memories, stories and experiences, different for local residents of the Peninsula.

Dr. Holt had an office here for many years.  He treated many folks for a wide variety of ailments.  Saved lives and brought new life into the world.  The Harbor shop carried many items for tourists but also things that were used in daily life.  It also was a place of connection and friendship.  The Main Stay Inn was a B & B that offered a warm and comfortable place for people to stay and home to some who lived in the apartments.  The Harbor Shop became a wonderful hardware store that eventually moved further up Newman St. and then after some years, closed.  Mama’s Boy offered the area a  small restaurant serving gourmet meals and introducing the area to many delicious choices.  Mama’s Boy enlarged their operation, replaced the house with a new building and offered fine dining for a time here on the Peninisula, now the building features food, organic clothing and serves as a welcome site for visitors during summer months.  Farmer’s market is held here every Tuesday throughout the summer months.  I plan to pick up some things there this morning myself.  This location seems to be a place of transformations and memories.