Packing Sardines-Hometown Memories


THANK YOU everyone for helping to make the opening of the “Hometown Memories” show a great success.  I really enjoyed visiting with everyone and only wished that I had more time to talk.  Please contact me anytime to share your memories.  If you didn’t see the show it is open during the month of May from approx. 9:30am-4pm daily at Hammond Hall.

This piece didn’t make it into the “Hometown Memories” Show.  It is titled Packing Sardines.  As a matter of fact when looking at the photo I realize that this photograph is not a picture of the completed work, but it does show the bones of the story.  As many folks know, this depicts the closing of the Stinson Sardine Factory that was located in Prospect Harbor, Maine and closed in 2010.  It was the last surviving sardine factory in the United States when it closed.  This is one of a series that I am working on depicting the industry of Sardine fishing on the Peninsula.  I hope to include other mixed media works and paintings.  I have some very old photographs of men working to collect fish gathered into a weir.  They are scooping the fish from the nets into double ended dories.  I’m sure those fish ended up being packed at Stiinson’s.

I continue to look for vintage photos to use for inspiration as the Hometown Memories series continues.  If anyone has questions or has photocopies of photographs that I might use I would love to make arrangements with them to do that.  Some topics I plan to pursue and include:  all matters Sardines, Leo Roy’s garage, the fire house in Winter Harbor, the former Barber Shop in Winter Harbor, the former funeral parlor, Dr. Holt’s home and office, and many other people and places that I have yet to discover.