Agitator-Dale’s Ride-Hometown Memories


What an odd name “Agitator” for such a calm and peaceful picture!  Of course many of you already know that this is the name of the boat in the painting.  So many stories could be told about this boat owner and his bigger then life personality!  The story I will tell is one of thanks.  When I was a “youngster” I loved to row.  I would hang out at the town dock waiting for the chance to get aboard a punt and take off rowing.  It wasn’t long before I realized that the lobstermen want their boats to be where they left them and they want them available when they need them.  They didn’t want kids playing with the boats and possibly loosing the oars or damaging something.   Dale Torrey heard my plight and gave me permission to use his punt for rowing when he was not using it.  What joy and what freedom I felt after being given permission.  For me this is a great “Hometown Memory”, thanks Dale!