A Musical Interlude-Hometown Memories

A Musical InterludeMiss Hancock (Flossie Hancock) was a teacher, a musician and a lovely lady.  My strongest memories of her were from my time taking piano lessons.  Miss Hancock taught music lessons from her home on Sargent St..  She also was a teacher at Winter Harbor Grammar School, and a Sunday School teacher. I think she must have really had an ear for music.  She played the piano and the violin.  Her home was full of sounds, the music, the metronome and the  clocks, ticking and coo-cooing.   When she stood behind me and added the violin sounds as I was pounding away on the piano I totally lost all semblance of what I was supposed to be doing. Music was               not going to be my area of skill.  I should have gotten the message but it took a while longer and some embarrassing musical interludes for me to finally get it.
I remember Miss Hancock being a warm and loving person who shared her caring ways and musical talents in many areas of our community.