Stinsons-Please share your memories! – Hometown Memories

Stinsons Canning Co.

This photo is an overview of some of the information that I have gathered as I begin to create a mixed media story about Stinsons Canning Co.   It is a work in progress. What a surprise to see that Maine Fairtrade Lobster is working to reopen this factory.   Another, and much more important work in progress.  I have more confidence that this operation will become a success then I had for the last venture.  If I see this right there are more local people working together for the potential success.  This factory has such a long and rich history on the Schoodic Peninsula.

I have such fond memories of my Aunt Ester Coombs coming home after a days work.  I was fascinated with the hairnets, the aprons her hands and the thought of how hard she worked.  There were many people from our community who worked at Stinsons and they all worked hard, stood on their feet all day and risked cutting their fingers off.  At least that is how I saw it as a child.  There is always more to a story and I am very happy to hear other peoples reaction to their memories of the place and the workers and to the hope for the lobster processing operation.  Please share your memories!